Quality politics

Through this commitment, ANAE has defined the strategy within the framework of the quality of our products as a measure that marks the differentiation in our sector, to retain our customers and ensure their satisfaction.

The company will direct all its efforts towards sustainable development based on quality, health and safety, the environment and social responsibility. For this we are not going to spare any effort to achieve it, being able to offer all our customers a product with the highest levels of safety and reliability is our highest priority and for this we are going to work within a line of PREVENTIVE WORK, controlling and visualizing problems before they happen.

The guidelines that emanate from this policy can be summarized in the following basic principles or objectives:

Acquire a great commitment to the implementation of Quality Management systems in the company and in compliance with the HACCP, so that the safety and legality of our product is controlled and guaranteed and allows us to continuously improve.

Maintain the traceability of all our products and by-products, as a first-rate instrument to contribute to the safety objective demanded by the market.

Raise awareness and train all company workers, empowering the area in terms of food hygiene and involving them in our system. All personnel are important to efficiently carry out these objectives.

Produce safe food and within the canons that frame our legislative system.

Attend and satisfy the needs of our customers, maintaining permanent contact that allows us to evaluate their perception of our products and improve those weak points.

Respect the environment, complying with current legislation. The company is committed to correctly managing all the waste generated, caring for and protecting the environment, preventing contamination that could arise from any of our production processes, and thus maintaining a beneficial relationship with the environment that surrounds us.

Ethical and labor responsibility in terms of health, well-being and safety prevention, as well as hiring and rights of all our workers.

Implement the necessary preventive measures to maintain food integrity at all stages of our production process so that any source of intentional contamination of our product can be controlled.

Establish the appropriate actions to prevent fraud in the acquisition of any of our products and in any of our processes.